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Firhill Villas Murree are boutique serviced apartments located within the premises of the historical Daultana House. Originally built in 1870, the Daultana House served as the Northern Command headquarters of the Raj till 1944 when it was purchased by Nawab Allahyar Daultana as a summer retreat for family and friends . Later, during the 1950s, it served as the Governor’s House for a few years before being handed over back to the family in the late 1960s.

As one of the highest and most scenic points within the Murree mountain range and with it’s unique location and high quality services, there is no better place for you and your family to enjoy your holidays in.

Murree hill station was constructed by the British colonial government soon after it captured this part of then India in 1850. Murre lies between Kashmir Point and Pindi Point. As the names suggest Kashmir point gives a panoramic view of snow laden Himalaya and Pir Panjal ranges in Kashmir while the Pindi point overlooks national capital Islamabad and adjacent Rawalpindi. At Pindi Point one can enjoy ride on a Chairlift three kilometers down to Bansragalli and enjoy a panoramic view of Hazara mountains as well as Rawalpindi Islamabad.

Murree houses headquarters of 12th infantry division of Pakistan Army and large number of educational and training institutions of Pakistan Army which situated at Upper Topa, Kuldana and Barain. Combined Military Hospital established to cater the needs of civilian population of Murree and adjoining areas. Pakistan Air Force also maintains base at Lower Topa. For administrative purposes the military areas of Murree are divided in two separate cantonment cantonments, Murree Cantonment and Murree Hills Cantonment. Murree Houses residence for Punjab Governor at the Kashmir point. The imposing building was built in nineteenth century by the British. There are Punjab and Sindh Houses to cater needs of the provincial government. A large number of government, semi government and private departments and institutions maintain guest houses in Murree. A number of diplomatic missions based in Islamabad established their camp offices in Murree in the 1960s. The same however are seldom used now.

Our History

Our History

Daultanas come from the sect of Joiya. Joiya is a Rajput clan of Northern India and Pakistan. Joiya are one of the twenty-four undivided Rajput clans or 'Eka'. In ancient chronicles they are described as "Lords of Jangladesh,"...


Message from CEO

Imran Daultana

The first question Owners ask me is, “What makes Firhill Villas different from other management companies”? My answer is “We work for our clients FIRST!” What are the owner’s objectives? We review the asset through the eyes...